Treasure chest

A Treasure Chest
is a random encounter when exploring. It can be opened using a two digit combination lock which answer can be found by answering a question. It's also possible to Bash the chest for a chance to open it without answering the question.

There are three types of treasure chests:

  • The Age Chest: An age is given. If the player is given a number of years it will be until they are that age, the player must subtract it from the given age to find the answer. If the player given a number of years and asked how much older a person of the given age would be after that long, the player must add the two numbers to find the answer.
  • The Liquid Chest: You are given an amount of liquid (e.g. milk, oil) and asked how many containers of a certain size it could fill. Simply divide the bigger number by the smaller number. The answer is the result without whatever decimal it has.
  • The Farm Chest: The question involves chickens, horses, and/or 3-legged cows. The player is given 2 of those types of animals, a number of legs, and a number of heads. The player is asked the number of each animal type that would yield that combination of legs and heads. The question can be answered by simultaneously solving a system of 2 equations, 1 equation for number of legs and 1 equation for number of heads.
    • Variables: X = # of animal X, Y = # of animal Y, Lx = # legs on animal X, Ly = # legs on animal Y, L = Total # of legs, H = Total # of heads
    • Equations:
      • Lx*x+Ly*y=L
      • x+y=H
      • <=>
      • X=(L-Ly*H)/(Lx-Ly)
      • Y=H-(L-Ly*H)/(Lx-Ly)
    • Conclusion: Therefore, the answer can be obtained by simply calculating X=(L-Ly*H)/(Lx-Ly), where Lx is the number of legs of the animal you want, and Ly is the number of legs of the other.

Reward: Single random item listed here

  • Crystals
  • Coins
  • Armor or Weapons - Tip: Lost Relic quest can guarantee a weapon or armor.
  • Demon Keys
  • Arena Pass

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