• Epicshowdown1

    We are the same people

    February 17, 2012 by Epicshowdown1

    I forgot the password for epicshowdown, so I made this one. Turns out, they are the same password.

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  • WilsonOfCanada


    May 12, 2010 by WilsonOfCanada

    Focuses on the pet

    Benefits per battle; Has a choice of targets to train on

    Ally Exp Gained x2
    Dreamer Exp Gained 0
    Bonding 2%

    Can be bought to be placed on:

    • Head
    • Body

    Pet upgrades can be achieved with enough experience and coins. There are two types of upgrades: Normal and Premium. Because the final stage is gained by upgrades, it costs less gems than just purchasing a pre-made premium ally.

    By upgrading the Dreamer's ally to higher levels:

    • More skills slots
    • More skills choices (like in pokemon)
    • More equipment slots

    For example:

    Pony/Foal Basic 0 Coins
    Yearling Normal Upgrade

    Level 10

    1000 Coins

    Horse Normal Upgrade

    Level 30

    500 000 Coins

    Dark Horse Gem Upgrade

    Level 30

    7 Gems

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