Demon Gates

The gates are closed, and the player is holding both an Thunder Key and Thunder Orb.

Demon Gates 2

The Thunder Gate is open, and the counters show the number of remaining demons and the boss HP.

Demon Gates are the first expansion area, and become accessible at level 51 after completing the basic game. They consist of three separate gates, which need to be opened before they can be accessed. They are preceded by Mount Killjoy and followed by the second expansion area, Alien Portal.

Areas Edit

Each of these areas requires a special key to enter, or a sacrifice of 666,666,666 coins or 6 gems. More powerful gates may be opened with demon orbs. Keys can be found from treasure chests or mystery boxes, and orbs can be obtained from a rare drop by normal demons within the gates, or from mystery boxes. Both keys and orbs are specific to a gate. Only one gate may be open at any time.

Each gate has 20 normal demons, 99 if in guild, and a boss. Each boss has an attack that hits very hard, but should be survivable with a level close to the boss and high constitution. Regeneration armour is recommended.

Rewards Edit

Once a gate is opened, all members in the same guild may participate in killing the demons and the boss. Damage on the boss is cumulative from all members. After the boss is defeated, the participants receive rewards. The player who opened the gate and the five players who did most damage against the boss each get an item, and others beyond the first five receive coins relative to damage. Everyone also receives experience for damage caused to the boss.

The item rewards are either demon weapons or armor. From a normal gate, the rewards are lesser demon items of up to level 60, and from an orb gate greater demon items of up to level 64, matching the levels of the bosses.

The Demon Wings Premium ally will be awarded for the first orb gate opened by a player when the boss is defeated.