If bats are nocturnal and horses diurnal, than coyotes and others animals that roam at the twilight hours and dawn are called:

answer: crepuscular

Q) In the Dr Seuss books, which elephant hatched an egg? (Hint: H_____)

A) Horton.

Q) music: what popular trumpet player is famous for his dixiland music? (Hint: a_ h___)

A) Al Hirt.

Q) people: ben franklin invented this type of eyeglasses.? (Hint: b_______)

A) Bifocals.

Q) What is the capital of Belgium? (Hint: B_______)

A) Brussels.

Q) Hockey: The Calgary ______? (Hint: F_____)

A) Flames.

Q) cyberpunk: in this predecessor of cyberpunk novels, the hero was guy montag:? (Hint: f_________ 4__)

A) Fahrenheit 451.

Q) What country was the setting for "Casablanca"? (Hint: k______ o_ m______)

A) Kingdom Of Morocco.

Q) Smart, sophisticated comedy about husband and wife lawyers on opposing sides of the same murder case. (Hint: A_____ r__)

A) Adam's Rib.

Q) name that emoticon: ttyl? (Hint: t___ t_ y__ l____)

A) Talk To You Later.

Q) As what did H.G. Wells refer to Adolf Hitler? (Hint: A c__________ l______)

A) Certifiable Lunatic.

Q) what country is home to the bank of alexandria? (Hint: E_____)

A) Egypt.

Q) What is the capital of North Korea? (Hint: P________)

A) Pyongyang.

Q) what heavyweight champion was known as the brockton bomber? (Hint: r____ m_______)

A) Rocky Marciano.

Q) As smart as a(n) ______. (Hint: W_____)

A) Wit.

Q) This is the only borough of New York City that is not on an island. (Hint: T__ B____)

A) The Bronx.

Q) where were sherlock holmes' rooms? (Hint: b____ s_____)

A) Baker Street.

Q) tv/ movies: hollywood: singer made his debut in the jazz singer.? (Hint: n___ d______)

A) Neil Diamond.

Q) Who played Louis in 'Interview With The Vampire'? (Hint: B___ P___)

A) Brad Pitt.

Q) Grover Cleveland is the only United States president to have been married where? (Hint: W____ H____)

A) White House.

Q) In 1958, who had a pop music hit with 'Willie and the Hand Jive'? (Hint: J_____ O___)

A) Johnny Otis.

Q) What is the common name for the scapula? (Hint: s_______ b____)

A) Shoulder Blade.

Q) Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge? (Hint: P__ P__)

A) Pol Pot.

Q) Who did Squeaky Fromme try to assassinate? (Hint: G_____ F___)

A) Gerald Ford.

Q) music : artist: heartbreak hotel? (Hint: e____ p______)

A) Elvis Presley.

Q) music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: don't call us, we'll call you? (Hint: s________)

A) Sugarloaf.

Q) cartoons: what was the name of the time device that mr peabody and sherman used? (Hint: w____ m______)

A) WABAC Machine.

Q) Vincent Vega appeared in which movie? (Hint: P___ F______)

A) Pulp Fiction.

Q) How many squares are there on a chessboard? (Hint: s____ f___)

A) Sixty Four.

Q) What is the name of Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond film? (Hint: G________)

A) Goldeneye.

Q) What is the second largest state in the USA? (Hint: T____)

A) Texas.

Q) This U.S. President suffered from polio during WWII. (Hint: F_______ D R________)

A) Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Q) What American state has a Thames river? (Hint: C__________)

A) Connecticut.

Q) tmnt: under their uniforms the foot soldiers are actually? (Hint: r_____)

A) Robots.

Q) Which game has 361 intersections? (Hint: G_)

A) Go.

Q) As quiet as a(n) ______. (Hint: m____)

A) Mouse.

Q) The mathematical study of properties of lines, angels, etc., is ______. (Hint: g_______)

A) Geometry.