-Collect 8 shiny boar tusks. Found in Emerald City/The Forest/Location 1 (Level 11). Drop mob: small boar (purple in color; status: very difficult). *Return to Emerald City healer *Visit the Emerald City healer again *Defeat 20 thieves wearing the magic paw.Edit

Note: I recomend going directly to Oceana so as to do this fairly uninteresting quest after.

*Defeat 20 thieves wearing the magic paw: defeat thief initiate(Thief Hideout Cove 1) to get it.Edit

(in my 50s, coming back through did tusks easily 3-4 times a day Gem searching)

Reward ...return to Nurse Betty for (in my case Lev 57 GrtrStar Robe Regen $31,575,600) (I've been searching weeks to find out if was ring or plain item) I'm Lev 62.7 & skipped over this after pesky tusks 1st long tedious attempt. ... experience ... coins

Note:This quest is repeatable, so you can start it again if you have finished it before