Types of MonstersEdit

There are three different types of creatures that attack the player during encounters

  • General
  • Demons
  • Bosses: When you have reached a level stronger than the last area of a wilderness or dungeon, a "seek" option will open show up for you to challenge the boss of the area.
  • Demon Bosses

Enraged MobsEdit

Sometimes a mob can become enraged after being attacked. This will cause them to deal twice amount of damage then they normally would have. Also, whereas non-enraged mobs sometimes run away, enraged ones never do. It's a good idea to kill them as fast as possible when they are enraged so you do not take too much damage.

Special Characters, Elite mobs, and Super Elite mobsEdit

When fighting Special Characters and Elite mobs, their names are highlighted either in red (difficult) or purple (very difficult). Elite (red) mobs have 50% more health and do 50% more damage than in their normal form, but give 200% amount of normal experience and coins when defeated. Super Elite (purple) mobs have 100% more health and do 100% more damage than in their normal form, and rewards 400% amount of experience and coins when defeated. Special Characters are dangerous due to their skills, but give good reward after defeated. All special and elite mobs can block normal attacks after certain point. (use skills) Remember, running away is always an option.

Power FinishesEdit

When you defeat an level 5+ opponent and their health falls to "more than 25% of their maximum health below 0", then you will perform a "Power Finish". When this appears in your result, you will receive twice amount of experience than you would have normally received otherwise.

Level UpgradesEdit

As the player visits different parts of the world, the player sees the same monster type, but with a different name and higher level.


Name Level
Frog 1
Large Frog 2
Large Toad



This is a link for a full bestiary I did. It has some things.


It has:

  • All monsters from Lakeview to Mt. Killjoy.
  • HP, red HP, and purple HP of the monsters.
  • Avg. attacks
  • Skills and critical attacks
  • Bosses
  • Separation by areas and sections
  • Pets

Last things added:

  • Gate/Orb Gates
  • Possessed Bosses
  • All side quests
  • Some +51 enemies (just lakeview)
  • Isendel and Mystic Zones
  • Alien Portal

What is being Added:

  • +51 enemies (junkton or upper)