Potions can be purchased in stores or with gems.

Since the cost depends on the player's level, potions cannot be sold in stores and are therefore worthless.

  Potion Effect Cost
Health Potion Level 0 Heal Restores full health. Depends on dreamer's level.
Mist Potion Level 0 Mist Restores one energy. Depends on dreamer's level.
Enchant Potion Enhance

Enchants weapons and armour.

  • 100/75/50/33/25/20/15% chance of successful enchant attempt to get item +1/+2/+3/+4/+5/+6/+7. To enchant items +7 and more, chance of success always starts from 10%
  • Items with enhance 21+ can be fused to other weapons. (Only enhance will be transferred not the stat bonus.) First subtract 5 from the source item, and then it will only transfer 90% of that if the both items are the same level or the source item's level is higher than the target item and (90 - 2 x Level)% of that if the source item is lower than the target item. Tip: enhance the target item to +7 before you fuse your 21+ enhance source item on it.
  • The formula is: floor((x-5) * (90 - 2*Level)/100) (Where x is the number of enchants on the source item, floor() rounds down, and Level is the level difference or 0 if the source level is higher than the target.)
  • Chance of successful enchant increases by 5% upon each failure. (Note that this effect gets saved for players who attempted to enchant item. Upon failure, in next attempt all Your equipped items get +5% chance rate)
  • Above 900 enchants, each enhance potion will only have 5% of success and does not increase with failure.
  • The maximum amount of enchants is 1000 (900 is still the fusion result cap).


  • Gives swords 5 more damage.
  • Gives guns 6 more damage.
  • Gives staffs 5 more damage and 0.6% more spell damage.
  • Gives armors and rings 1 armor.
  • Equipment that has been enchanced would be indicated with a *

5 gems

From the Magic Elf:

  • Free (if the Magic Elf is defeated ~40% chance).
  • 4 gems.
  • A large amount of coins.

Free drop:

  • From Mystery Boxes (~10% chance).
  • After defeating Possessed Boss (~50% chance).
  • From Isendel, Mine, Gate, Portal, and Invasion mobs
  • From Treasure Maps.