In this quest you have to defeat some other player or exactly his copy.

The opponent has the same name and stats as the player, but full skill points.

The real player whose name is in the quest doesn't know about this quest, so they can't take revenge on you. They don't lose or gain any money or exp.

You can finish the quest clicking fight in quest list page. Finding the guy in arena won't finish the quest.

To doEdit

  • Talk to the Little Imp.
  • Defeat other_player_name

After questEdit

You received x coins!
You received y experience!

Little Imp runs to you, gives you a *hug* and : x coins!
You gained z experience.

You have completed your chance Quest!


x + x coins (depends on your opponent's level)

y + z exp (y depends on your opponent's level, z depends on your level)