Little Imp

The Little Imp is an NPC randomly encountered during exploration. When encountered, the player can choose to fight him or accept his offer. When the option fight is chosen, the Little Imp will be attackable. He is one level above the player's level. If the player chooses (by clicking accept) to accept his deal, he will either tell the player to attack the Girl in Red or give the player the name of another player to attack in the arena. When the player defeats whomever the Little Imp named, he will give the player a reward of experience and coins, and there is a chance the player will receive one piece of equipment which is within one level of the player's current level.

Note that unlike the NPCs that the Girl in Red asks you to fight (which, ironically enough, does not include the Imp), the Girl in Red takes offense if you attack her.


  • Normal Attack (~ 100 - 200 damage)
  • Imp Bite (~ 300 - 400 damage)
  • Devil's Pitchfork (~ 400 - 600 damage)
  • Summons Boss in the Mines for 6 gems


  • "Wait! do NOT attack! I am harmless, and I have a job that might interest you."
  • "That... was a mistake."
  • "Why couldn't we be friends?" - when defeated