The Magic Classes from Mage to Divine Staff.

The mage is one of the three options the player can choose at the start of the game. It gives an initial +5% Magic Damage.

Magic ClassesEdit

Class Name Skill Lvl Bonuses
Mage 1 +5% Magic Damage
Adept 10

+5 Max Energy

+8% Magic Damage

Master Mage 20

+10 Max Energy

+16 Max Sp

+10% Magic damage

Great Wizard 40

+15 Max Energy +30 Max Sp

+15% Magic Damage

Divine Staff


+25 Max Energy

+200 Max Sp

+32% Magic Damage

Divine Sage


+40 Max Energy

+400 Max Sp

+64% Magic Damage

Magic SkillsEdit

Skill Name Skill Lvl Intel Skill Desc.
Flame Arrow 1 8 You point your finger at the fool standing before you. An arrow of flame shoots out toward the target as you mutter the simple phrase.
Ice Needles 2 9 You stretch out an arm, hand forming a claw. Five icicles form in your palm and dash toward your target at your command.
Magic Anvil 4 10 You snap your fingers, and a gigantic anvil falls from the sky right on top of the enemy.
Light Heal 6 11 You suddenly feel healthier as warmth flows through your body.
Implosion 9 11 You focus all your life's anger on your opponent. The target suddenly implodes as deadly flames consume them.
Shield 12 12 Modifying the graviton charges around you, you managed to construct a temporary globe of protection around you for this battle.
Sub-zero 17 12 All source of energy moves away from your target, creating a sub-zero temporal field around your enemy.
Heal 21 13 You feel much better as a surge of energy rush through you.
Volcanic Eruption 26 13 A volcano forms right beneath your enemy, molten lava burst out from the crater sending your foe hundred feet into the air.
Maelstrom 33 14 Dark clouds form above the one opposing you, as thousands of hail balls and a hundred thunder bolts strikes down.
Greater Heal 39 15 You use your expertise of elements to mend your wounds.
Inferno 45 15 All before you turns pitch black... a moment later it's light again, lit by the flames of 9 hells that is burning through your opponent.

Divine Light(Requires Divine Staff Class)

60 15+ You raise your staff to summon a powerful divine light to demolish your opponent.
Divine Aurora 90 15+ You summoned the divine aurora which both healed all your wounds and attacks the opponent.